Portfolio Farming, Family, Stars, Community
Cleric Domains Community, Good, Plants, Travel
Alignment Neutral Good
Status Minor Deity
Weapon Star Dagger

The church of Aleria tells the story of her Ascension in this way. A farming village underwent a terrible drought. The villagers worked themselves to exhaustion trying to bring in their crops, but the days were hard and the land was unforgiving. On the last day of harvest, with frost approaching and with far too much left in the fields, the people of the village dragged themselves to their beds in sorrow over the vital bounty about to be lost to the coming cold. A shooting star blazed across the sky that night, and the sky darkened at sunset with clouds of birds. Next morning, the villagers woke to find a young girl, Aleria, missing from her bed. Outside, they discovered the entire harvest completed, the ground marked by the small, hard-packed footprints of a child. Out among the now-empty fields, the villagers found little Aleria atop a bier of hewn stalks. She lay there at peace, having succumbed to exhaustion, surrounded by softly singing meadowlarks. Because of her sacrifice, devotion and commitment to the earth and to family, the village was blessed thereafter, the spirit of Aleria guiding and guarding her home for years before rising to join the other gods on high.


Portfolio Trade, Wealth, Luck, Food
Cleric Domains Luck, Charm, Growth, Trade
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Status Minor Deity
Weapon Fan

Lon is described as a jolly and plump man. He is generally depicted in merchant’s or noble’s clothing and often with food. His good nature belies his cunning as a businessman and he values wealth and profit above all else. He is the favored deity of those who make a living at selling and trading goods.


Portfolio Storms, Battle, Strength, Nomads
Cleric Domains War, Wind, Weather, Strength
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Status Major Deity
Weapon Greatsword

Kord is a brutal patron that favors the strong and despises the weak. Very little is known of the religious practices of his followers, by the civilized world. Kord is the favored deity of the nomadic tribes of orc and goblins that roam the wastes.

PRIMUS (The Waiting God)

Portfolio Change, Adversity, Growth, Sun
Cleric Domains Destruction, Plants, Dessert, Sun
Alignment Neutral
Status Major Deity
Weapon Scimitar

Primus, it’s said, has always been. He is not the creator–but he was here before creation. It is thought by scholars that he is the very source entropy in the universe, driving reality to change and act. He is colloquially known as The Waiting God. His name is often uttered as a curse at droughts by farmers, broken weapons by soldiers, and unfavorable deals by traders. Few followers of primus exist (and no formal places of worship), however, Primus manages to stay in the collective unconscious regardless.

ERATHIS (The Goddess of Salt and Fire)

Portfolio Beauty, Mercy, Nobility, Civilation, Strength
Cleric Domains Good, Law, Nobility, Strength, War
Alignment Lawful Good
Status Major Deity
Weapon Greathammer

Erathis is depicted and a beautiful, yet severe woman adorned in finery. She traditionally holds a flaming hammer in her right hand and a bowl of salt in the left, representing her duel aspects of War and Society. Clerics of Erathis are expected to display grace and beauty in all aspects of their lives.

The Church of Erathis has a highly political past, now forgotten by many. As the preferred church of the upper class, the dioceses received large donations from its congregation. While never officially stated, the church act on behalf of its patrons using it’s considerable political power and influence to craft society and law to the liking of the wealthy.

Tensions between the Crown and the church often ran high and came to a head when the church declared open war against the kingdom, raising an army of zealots seemingly over night. The exact nature of this conflict is forgotten to all, but the results are infamous. The church was eventually defeated by the forces of the Crown, the noblemen who had been responsible for the push to war were executed for treason. The Churches continued existence would be allowed on two conditions:
1 No further donations may be made to the church and the church shall receive subsidies from the Crown
2 No man shall ever raise a sword or spill blood on behalf of the church


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