People and Factions of Astrid


The lands of Athas had been wasting slowly for many years, most notably in the land surrounding the Spire. Everyone knew that in order for magic to function, a spell caster had to draw life from nearby. For millennia, mages were taught to preserve the earth and never draw more than what was needed, so when the black sand began to creep from the edges of the Spire, and the jungles began to wither across the continent, a rising concern grew. Many feared that after ages on the throne, the strain had finally begun to wear on Mage King Tor. For nearly two hundred years the jungles shriveled and receded, leaving vast barren plains that later turned to desert. Then, suddenly, after two thousand years servering as Mage King of Athas, Agraveld Tor died.

The day Agraveld perished, and for weeks after, magically charged lightning stuck out for miles in every direction of the Spire, melting the ashen terrain to black glass. Mages across the continent, and perhaps the world, suffered a magical backlash killing the weak of mind. For those that lived, magic became difficult to summon and strenuous to maintain.

It is at this point that many turned to defiling to amplify their dying power. To make matters worse, the eight Archons broke into war for control of the Spire. They recruited massive armies of Sorcerers and Magi, and, already suffering from the shock of the Mage Kings death, the land perished. The war that was fought was bitter and many died. It was all for naught in the end, as the war could never be finished. All magic faded from the land and with it the eight Archons lost their power and influence. They then faded into obscurity, insanity, and death.

After decades, magic began to return to the lands. Not in great surges, but in small trickles of power. Plant and animal life began to return in new form; harsher and twisted but capable of surviving in the wastes. As magic began to return sorcerers were born once more and the cunning and daring egan to relearn magic. These individuals were feared and scorned by the remnant of society.

After the Collapse, the populations of Athas that had come to rely on magic were left without. The lands had been left infertile and the seas filled with a toxic sludge that had killed all but the most ferocious aquatic life. The Druid Masters did what they could to help, but they were left weak and short on help by the destruction of their homelands. The people were struggling to cope.

Ninety years after Agraveld’s death a method was discovered through which the polluted waters of the Blood Tar Ocean could be refined into a fuel source by two human inventors known as the Vitrol Brothers. This fuel source would power their new engine which they called the Technomantic Mk I. In the fifteen years since the Mk I was unveiled to the world, the Vitrol Brothers have begun to breathe life back into a dead economy. Technomantic railways have been laid, connecting the major cities and allowing for an unmatched rate and ease of travel.

The Church of Aleria

Aleria is a Lawful Good deity and represents Farming, Family, Stars, Community.

Important People:

Name Race Status
Ella Brismonte Human High Priestess of Calliban
Tal Orin Human Bishop
Dieter Orick Human Bishop

The Old Empire

Important People:

Name Race Status
Agraveld Tor Elf Mage-King
Flinn Dwarf Archon of Abjuration
Ashbell Gnome Archon of Conjuration
Taldeer Elf Archon of Divination
Radak Dwarf Archon of Enchantment
Rex Gnome Archon of Evocation
Norton Half Elf Archon of Illusion
Garro Human Archon of Necromancy
Flamel Human Archon of Transmutation

The Druid Masters

Important People:

Name Race Status
Drell Fuli Gnome Master Druid
Menhara Catfolk Master Druid
Dorik Lefen Gnome Master Druid
Derri Dappis Human Master Druid

Cailiban Trade Coalition

The CTC represents the merchants in political affairs and hold quite a bit of sway on trade and pricing in the region of Caliban, and even Argus. Smaller venders and merchants have complained about their treatment in the Coalition, but you’ll never hear anything but praise from the upscale shop owners and and international traders. The CTC has had problems lately with rates and availability of freight trains for their high quantity shippers. They blame this on Vitrol Rail Co.’s inability to cope with their increased stock.

Important People:

Name Race Status
Siobhan Salvo Human President/Textiles Merchant
Ken’ Dale Skilling Half-Elf Vice President
Kortruk Half-Orc Assets Manager

The Vitrol Brothers

The two genius brothers who developed the Vitrolium refinement process and invented the Technomantic Engine at the ages of fifteen. They have gone on to found Vitrol Bros. Industries(VBI), Vitrol Vitrolium Inc.(VRI), and Vitrol Rail Co. They have remained silent about recent allegations by the CTC regarding unfair treatment of their members. They are known for keeping silent on most issues unless they are unveiling a new invention.

Important People:

Name Race Status
Vincent Vitrol Human Co-Owner
Edgar Virtol Human Co-Owner
Brodin Forgemender Dwarf Head of Accounting
Troz Slag Giant Forge Master

Noblemen of Note

Name Race Status
Allister Grey Human King of Argus
Eda Grey Human Queen of Argus
Sable Grey Human Heir to Argus
Eldon Weston Human Baron of Westvale
Cybil Weston Human Lady of Westvale

People and Factions of Astrid

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